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LETTERS – October 2012

October 22 2012

Another month of kindness and wonder here in the Geek Speak mailroom…

First came this, from Sim, regarding our feature Try, Try Again:

The Sly Stallone Dredd was a travesty but yeah Dredd 3D ROCKED. “Hopeful” about a lot of other “readaptations” now, thanks for that.

And on the same topic came this from Lola, who said:

I’ve always wondered about the difference between remakes and reimaginings and reboots, and then you throw in readaptation and I was bound to get very confuzzled. Thenks for sorting it all out for me, makes sense now. Dredd 3D was kinda lame, though, sorry!

Mikey Bennet disagreed, with this substantive comment on Rachel Hyland’s Dredd 3D review:

DREDD is the best comicbook movie of the year and yes I am including THE AVENGERS in this, which I thought was a fun time but seriously overrated to the point of insanity. The problem with THE AVENGERS, and a lot of other comicbook movies, is that they sacrifice making sense for cool effects and witty one liners, so things like the fact that all the aliens in New York could be wiped out just by blowing up their mothership in a different galaxy or wherever it was are just allowed to skate by as though sure, that is the most natural plot development in the world. With DREDD what we get is an all-out action blockbuster that also addresses its own issues with clever explanations, some only visual which is such a cool thing. Rachel Hyland’s review suggesting that the use of Slo-Mo was a strange drug pastime for future dystopia is funny but not a particular downfall of the movie’s logic. (I did like the line “What, they don’t have Wagner operas, hospital waiting rooms and televised golf in the future?”) Like I was saying though, DREDD is amazing. Good to see a critic that agrees!!!

Rachel responds:

Thanks for the kind words, and I do agree that Dredd was pretty awesome… I wouldn’t say I agree that Dredd is better than The Avengers, though. That is definitely a bridge too far. In fact, it’s a rainbow bridge to Asgard too far. (Though, obviously, Dredd is way better than Thor.)

One review from our last issue that found disfavor was Katie Hager’s thoughts on the 2008 movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe (Movie Marathon topic: Box Office Flops), from LXLene:

I don’t disagree that IWtB wasn’t exactly the movie we X-Philes had been hoping for for so long but I don’t think it deserves all the hate it has had heaped on it, here and elsewhere. First off, the casting is amazing! Amanda Peet had real chemistry with Mulder and Billy Connolly was incredible as the deeply flawed, deeply tortured priest. As a long time Mulder/Scully shipper it was also great to see them in a relationship, as dysfunctional as it was, and WE SAW THEM IN BED TOGETHER! The movie is worth the investment just for that warm fuzzy happiness. The worst part of this movie, I believe, is that its failure will probably mean there will be no more new X-Files, ever. No show has ever kept me so obsessed for so long and I have to admit, I miss my time on the DDEB.

Wow, a bona fide member of the David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade in our house! We’re honored, LXLene. Welcome!

But it wasn’t just our movie coverage attracting your attention. This, from Shondra, on Brad Crammond’s rumination regarding the fifth season of True Blood, Sex and Death and Emptiness:

Die Sookie Die! TARA IS THE BEST. I cant even read those books, all Sookie and Tara is barely in them. BOO-RING. Agree on Bill suddenly going dark side also. WTF???

Also this, on Geonn Cannon’s paean of praise to Person of Interest, An Orwellian Batman, from the lyrically-named Shae Nae Naw:

How frigging AWESOME is POI so far this season??? Totally obsessed with it, and with John Reese, I want to have ten thousand of his babies. Thank you, thank you to Geonn Cannon for his POI love, Reese is Batman, so brill. And I LOLd so hard at “PERSON OF INTEREST, single-handedly bringing back the payphone.” HAHAHAHA, nice one!!!

And delving into the Archives, we heard from Ioana, on our Top 13… Paranormal Romance Clichés, from way back in Issue 12:

I just wanted to say this: “The Deflowering is usually transcendent, even when it involves (ptui) “forcible seduction,” and the hero is always — always — hung like a sperm whale.” might just be the best sentence I have ever read, ever! Ha.

That one was courtesy of our inimitable Editor at Large Kate Nagy, Ioana. Yeah, she’s awesome.

And this, from Sarka-Jonae Miller, author of Between Boyfriends:

Hi, I really appreciate your article about “Wicked Appetite”. I have been debating whether to read it. I love the Stephanie Plus series and the Alex Barnaby series. I met Janet at a book signing and her sister. They are both really nice. Yet I wasn’t sure that “Wicked Appetite” was something I would like. I always thought that Diesel was right on the line of being too kooky and a book that had him but not Stephanie… well I just wasn’t too enthused. I may pick it up though when I’m in the right kind of mood, like you described. I do encourage others to check out Janet’s books besides the Stephanie Plum series. The Barnaby books are hilarious.

And that, Sarka-Jonae, came courtesy of one of our Staff-Writers, the also awesome Sara Paige!

Finally, this succinct and yet deeply insightful communication arrived to gladden our hearts and brighten our days, from one Georgina McBride:

I like tic tacs.

We think there’s something in that for all of us.

A big thank you to everyone who wrote to us this month, we always love to hear your thoughts and while we can’t print them all, we treasure each one. A special thanks, also, to our latest Geek Speak donors, who so generously gave of their hard-earned to help us keep doing what we do. You’re our freaking heroes. And man, you’re hot.

See you next month!

The Geek Speak Staff


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