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LETTERS – November 2012

November 26 2012

Hey there, folks! Another month, another batch of sparkling correspondence from you, our ever so kind and wonderful and attractive readers. Thank you!

First, this from Jo:

Hi GeekSpeak! Just wanted to say, I never do this but your site is so cool, I love coming to see each new “issue” and finding out what randomness you all have decided to cover. Will it be some obscure comic book title? Will it be D&D? Will it table top gaming, which even after reading the article about it I still don’t really get? And then, it’s all so witty and well-written and unlike anything else I’ve encountered on the web, it makes me chuckle out loud as I click on page after page until I have to do some real work so I don’t look like I’m having too much fun. Thank you for the hours of geekish banter, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!

Aw, thanks Jo. We’re rather curious about that ourselves…

We also heard from Tyler B., who had this to say regarding last month’s Top 13… Fictional Martial Arts Tournaments:

WMAC Masters! I thought I was the only one who ever watched that show! How cool to see it listed here. CDM was a great call as well: “I’ll allow it.” Classic!

On the same topic, MaryMcMartins offered up this in gratitude:

Thank you, thank you, for including not only ‘Sparta’ on our Top13 list but also for including that HOTT pic of those HOTT bods. Sorry, Bruce Lee, but those boys should have been at Number One just for being so damn cut.

Rachel responds:

On behalf of the female members of our staff: right on, sister! From the males: ugh. And why no shot of the girls from DOA in their bikinis? (This was an actual question received after this issue was published, by the by.)

And finally, on the Top13, came this from Slippery:


So… a Best of the Best fan, then?

Elsewhere in last issue, we heard from roger more (cute!) regarding Rachel Hyland’s review of the short-lived TV series Defying Gravity:

THIS.Oh, yes, very THIS. “Though how everyone manages to look exactly the same age after five, if not ten, years of in-show time is a mystery I hope future moisturizer technology with help explain.” I know, right? Not a great show but I still find myself thinking about it sometimes, most especially wondering what the hell Nadia’s visions of a guy who looked like her with a beard were all about.

Rachel responds:

According to the show’s creator, Season 2 would have explained this by having Nadia a hermaphrodite whose parents decided to make her female and so her guilt stems from killing off the male part of her. Hmm, maybe it’s a good thing they never made a Season 2.

MXXXXM was also moved to comment on one of our reviews, this from a former issue, way back in April:

Finally saw “The Cabin in the Woods” and Matthew Layden’s review is right on the money. MUST SEE!!!! is what he said and I’ve been saying it to everyone who will listen. All hail Joss!

Hear, hear!

Also pulled from the archive, we heard from Stalingrad on the topic of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6, from way back in Issue 7:


Sorry, Sara Paige, I think that’s one for K. Burtt’s side of the Geek VS. Geek.

Another Geek VS. Geek still garnering attention is our discussion of the merits of The Dark Knight from back in Issue 14, with this from Charles InCharge (awesome moniker, dude!):

you don’t know me, but somehow i just stumbled upon your (probably years-old) article on how overrated the Dark Knight is. anyway, it was just nice to find that rarest of articles: so well-written, and, moreover, one which so perfectly articulates my feeling towards the film… praise for the stupid thing has been so damned relentless for going on 5 years, i sorta felt compelled to write a little thank-you note. good to know i’m not the only realist who saw TDK ; )

And finally, a note from Marli FrenchEscorts:

hello, geekspeakmagazine.com, yours is a brilliant site and your products are very interesting to me I will be telling everyone about your great blog and products and hope you will call me sometime to see if I can help your company with your needs.

Well, isn’t that nice? She likes our site and our products and our blog and wants to help our company with our needs! Weird last name though…

If you, too, like our site and our products (???) and our blog (???) and want to help our company (???), we’d be just as delighted to hear from you as we were from the enthusiastic Marli. Our thanks to everyone who wrote in this month; we treasure all of your thoughts.

See you next month!

– The Geek Speak Staff


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