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LETTERS – December 2012

December 20 2012

Christmas came early to us here at Geek Speak, with this panoply of wondrous gifts from you fine, fine folks…

First this, from Launa:

Thanks for a great year of speaking geek, GeekSpeak! What a blast, don’t go away for a long time like you did at the end of last year, ok?

Rachel responds:

Hi Launa! Never fear, we’re not planning on any more hiatuses (hiati?) any time soon.

And then this, from BBBB:

Good stuff in the zine, merry xmas, the hobbit is out and so gr8 wonder what you think?

Here is what our Kellie Sheridan thinks, BBBB! Hope you’re on board…

Then came this, from Susanna Pierce:

GeekSpeak peeps, I don’t know how you keep doing it but you always seem to be talking about exactly what I have been talking about. I argue with a friend about whether Miyazaki a genius or just kind of lame? You have a Geek versus Geek discussing it. I catch an episode of Awake and think I should really track down the rest of this show? You run a review of it that very week. I tell my moms off for calling herself a Romance Geek? You have an article all about how the word is too overused now, or maybe not, but either way, the whole thing was really funny and I want to be at Thanksgiving at the Nagy house. Can’t wait to see what you’ll bring up next time around, I’ve been very into World of Warcraft lately, any chance you’ll read my mind again?

Hmm. Sorry, Susanna, no WOW this month, but maybe you’re into DragonAge as well? No? Dammit! We hate to break our streak!

Then this, from Jocelyne, who said kindly:

What a wonderful effort you have all made every month to put together such an interesting and thoughtful website. I look forward to hearing from you every month with what is in the new “issue” and always find something that immediately grips my attention. Last time it was the “Titanic Disasters” article as I have often found myself angry over my favourites ending up with the wrong person or in the wrong way and I thought your article really captured my feelings. I also agreedd with the review of “Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance” and although I am not a Star Wars fan and really don’t care that the movies will now be made by Disney, I always enjoy your “Geek vs. Geek” arguments and that one was another that really entertained me.

Speaking of Rachel Day’s Titanic Disasters, the intriguingly named Jez Nex Beq had this to say regarding Stargate SG-1’s Sam and Jack:

RE: Titanic Disasters. I am so glad that I am reading the Stargate Atlantis “Legacy” series of books so that I get some closure on Sam/Jack (even if it is mostly unspoken), as well as getting to see Teyla and Sheppard together and with the whole thing with Torren’s father explained. Great article.

Also in last issue, Kellie Sheridan’s report of the 2012 World Fantasy Convention prompted this, from Beedle the Bard:

I couldn’t make this year’s World Fantasy Con, but I went to the five before and I have to say that your description was spot-on! I have never volunteered at any of the events, but your article has made me rethink that, I am sure it would be a lot of fun and who wouldn’t want free pick of all the books publishers give away at some of these things? Thanks for the idea, I’ve already purchased my membership to next year’s Con and I can’t wait!!

That was not all the notice Kellie drew from our readership last month; we also received this from daryl’s handmaiden:

I LOVE DARYL! Thank you, thank you for the excellent reviews of The Walking Dead, I would like more Daryl please but otherwise very very good, thank you.

Note to Kellie: Is it possible for you to focus more on Daryl and less on, say, the plots and all the other characters in your reviews of The Walking Dead, please? Thanks! Your Grateful Editor.

Note to daryl’s handmaiden: I think you’re going to like some of the results of our 2012 *Geek Speak Awards…

Then came this, from Ed:

Hey, I just wanted to say that your November issue was great. Skyfall was indeed amazing, I agree with David Baldwin’s review of it, but the review of Cloud Atlas was something else…..it has made me want to go see it IMMEDIATELY. Second, your survival top 13 tips….had a really great time with it, specifically the examples given. Attack Girls’ Swim Team VS the Undead???? How awesome is that title? Titanic Disasters and Is The Serial Killer Really Dead, were great articles to read, had me nodding my head throughout. Excellent issue this month, despite a lacking of a movie marathon section.

Hey, Ed! There was SO a Movie Marathon section! See? But thanks for your feedback, anyway.

The Top 13 Horror Movie Survival Tips also led MixMatt to say:

I want to see a horror movie where the blond slut who is a total klutz, drives an old beater and is always forgetting to charge her cell not only survives but turns out the be the killer. In the sequel she moves into a new house in a totally remote location. Who’s with me?

Oh, MixMatt! In the words of Buffy’s Xander Harris: “They should film that story and show it every Christmas.” We’re with you, for sure!

And finally, we received a press release from one Renato D’Angelo we’d like to share with you all, just because we admire this kind of ingenuity and because also we love a bargain:

Hello Citizens:

I proudly offer the book that every bat-fan was waiting for:,BAT BAD GIRLS, a pictorial selection of sexiest villainesses and henchgirls from Batman ’66 show. In the link below, you can access to buy the book at a low price:


That low price? $44.95. A bargain indeed.

As always, we thank you lovely souls for your letters; we can’t publish everything we receive, but we cherish it all and hope you’ll continue to send your thoughts our way in 2013. All the best for the holiday season!

Until next month/year…

The Geek Speak Staff


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