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LETTERS – January 2013

January 25 2013

Happy New Year, folks! We hope your 2013 is off to a great start – ours sure is, especially with kind words like these flowing into our mailroom. So thanks! And keep ‘em coming…

First, there is this, from Sandra Sass:

Loved the list of Christmas episodes, but how how HOW could you choose “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas” over such an important arc-building episode as “Christmas Carol”/“Emily” for The X-Files? I have to confess that “Ghosts” is one of my least favorite eps of the whole sixth season, mostly for the reasons you seem to like it, only four characters and basically just one set. Yawn. But big yesses to “Amends” and “A Roswell Christmas Carol” and look at the S:AAB love!!!! Good to see it after all these years. Merry Christmas!!!

And then, this from SAMARTHA:

Aw geez, I just busted out laughing when I got to the last line of this Tolkien post – “Should have used the name Reuel!” LOL. Good points made too, but I really hope that kids of the future don’t think The Hobbit was so LOOONG. Dam, PJ, the book’s about a hundred pages long, three movies is a bit much.

Regarding last month’s Geek VS Geek, Lana Langster had this to say:

I have been having this argument with my bf for the last year or so, thank you for giving me just the right things to say to put him on the backfoot. Like my bf has the Superman S tattooed on his arm, if he’s so into the villain thing why isn’t it Lex Luthor? Funny, I found this debate after googling “geek argument superhero vs supervillain” looking for ammunition and found exactly what I needed here. Thanks, will be back for sure.

We also had quite a flurry of comment on the results of our Best of 2012 Awards, like this one, from XXanderXX:

Love this quote about “Wreck it Ralph” – “Being funny and not being Brave always wins my vote.” This.

And this one, from Michael Mulligan:

Jennifer Lawrence, yes, for The Hunger Games but Robert Downey Jr. over Fassbender? No. Good recap of the year and well considered, appreciate it. Weird to see Argo in a scifi-based list though.

And this one, from Mara:

SINISTER! YES YES YES YES YES! Loved it. Also love Once Upon a Time and nice to see it get some awards action here. Thank you.

And finally this, from Fred:

Legend of Korra. Good.

Glad you approve, Fred! Now please, try to curb that enthusiasm, won’t you?

Elsewhere in last issue, Dreama had this to say about Rachel Hyland’s review of Red Dawn:

LOL. Funny review. The bit where you said “If you are an untried, untrained teenager BUT YOU ARE AMERICAN (and, perhaps just as importantly, a football player) then you can and will survive even the bloodiest of conflicts, because you and your nation are unquestionably awesome” I’ve been telling all my friends. Stupid movie, but Chris Hemsworth does have nice arms.

And Marcus M. said this about Geonn Cannon’s review of Splintered by A. G. Howard:

Hadn’t heard of this book but will check it out, I did my dissertation on Alice in Wonderland and I like to stay current. Nice review, thanks.

Finally this month, we received this from Baba Yaga, who said simply:


Sure thing, Baba Yaga. We’ll see what we can do… er, next month.

Our thanks, as always, to everyone who wrote in. You’ll never know how much we appreciate it. And as mentioned above: keep it coming!

See you next time!

The Geek Speak Staff


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