Because sometimes what we need is the kid perspective…

Do you have a favorite show?

I love Peppa Pig!

Oh? What’s that show about?

Bunny rabbits!

It’s about bunny rabbits, is it?


Oh. What do they do?

They hop.

Yellow ducks

Anonymous yellow ducks

And is there anyone else in the show?

A duck!

A duck?

A yellow duck!

Does the yellow duck have a name?


What is it?

I don’t know.


Peppa and George

Oh. Are there just rabbits and ducks in Peppa Pig?

No, there are people!

People or animals?

People. They are Peppa Pig and George Pig. They are people that are piggies.

Anyone else?

Teddy and Mr. Dinosaur!

And does anyone take care of them?


Goldie the Fish

Peppa and George! They take very good care of Teddy and Mr Dinosaur, but not when Mr. Dinosaur lost his tail — George was very sad and got Dino-Roar, but he was noisy. And they take care of their pet called Goldie the Fish. He’s in a little tiny bowl. With water in it. They take him to the aquarium to find him a friend. George has a friend called Richard Rabbit and Peppa is my friend. There’s a cat family at the aquarium because they go all the time because they love big fish and Candy Cat’s mummy says it’s better than the television.

What do you think about that?

The aquarium is better than the television, but not better than the iPad.

What happens then?

Peppa says: “That fish is too big!” and there is a seahorse and George says “Dinosaur!” George always says that. And Miss Rabbit is a fish.

She is not a fish, she is a rabbit.

She is not a fish, she is a rabbit.

Do you mean when Miss Rabbit is scuba diving in the aquarium? And Daddy Pig says she is a fish?

No! She is not a fish she is a rabbit. She has a fish who is Goldie’s new friend.

Ah! Do you like that episode?

Oh, yes! I like it because there is a lot of fish. And Peppa liked all of the fish but not the dinosaur fish, that was scary for her even though she is big. George is a little pig. I am bigger than George. George is not big. George is little.

Does anything else happen in that episode?

There’s a carousel.

A carousel at the aquarium?

No, there’s a carousel at the Zoo.

In Peppa Pig?

No, at the Zoo!

Oh, the actual Zoo. Of course. Anything else you want to tell us about Peppa Pig

There’s a holiday house!

A holiday house?

Peppa and George go there on holiday. In Italy, people speak Italian.

They go to a holiday house in Italy, do they? How do they get there?

Through the door.

— GF, age 2 3/4

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