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I love Go Jetters! It is a show that is a very funny show, and I think it is very exciting. It is not a boring show. It is a show for big kids.

There are four Go Jetters but I don’t know their names. I don’t know any of their names, except for Kyan. And Xuli and Foz and the other one called Foz [Lars. – Ed]. I haven’t even met them, so I can’t know their names. I don’t know any of the names!

The Go Jetters and their “broomster”

The Go Jetters go to lots of places around the whole world like Paris and the Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal, which is in India and is very far away. They always go to far away places, not close places, that’s why they have to take a plane. Their plane is a Broomster. [Vroomster – Ed.] It’s a little plane. And they have another plane, a big one.

It’s just a normal plane.

The Go Jetters get help from Supercorn [Ubercorn – Ed.] who tells them where they are going on the special journey days, and they have to stop Grandmaster Glitch from doing naughty things like breaking all the buildings and stealing all the buildings around the whole world, and even in Australia. Grandmaster Glitch has a small plane that is called a Grimbler. It is a very funny name. And he has his Grimbots to help him make all the trouble, they look like eggs and don’t say anything.

The Go Jetters have Click-ons to help them. They are buttons that get them what they need.

Ubercorn, keeper of the funky facts

Supercorn tells the Go Jetters “funky facts,” which means “gonna tell you about the place we’re at.” A funky fact about the Sydney Opera House is that it looks like sailboats. There are three funky facts about all of the places. And I am three years old!

I like the funky facts about the Eiffel Tower the best. 

My favorite story is the Eiffel Tower one, of course. In the Eiffel Tower one Grandmaster Glitch breaks the top off the Eiffel Tower. He damages the Eiffel Tower because he is very naughty. Because he is so naughty. Because Grandmaster Glitch is naughty. He’s very, very naughty.

Grandmaster Glitch steals the top of the Eiffel Tower

He wanted the top of Eiffel Tower because he wanted to watch his TV because he didn’t have shows on the television and so he wanted to use the top of the Eiffel Tower as a remote control. [Aerial – Ed.]

The Eiffel Tower is made of iron. That is a funky fact that I already knew because I love the Eiffel Tower, it is my favorite tower. Ever since I was only two.

The funniest part of Go Jetters is at the end, of course.

It is definitely not a boring show.

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