Because sometimes what we need is the kid perspective…

Doc McStuffins is a doctor who fixes stuffed animals and toys. She lives with her mother and father. Her mother is a doctor for real-life people and her dad must be a chef, because he cooks a lot. Doc has a little brother called Donnie who doesn’t do anything except break his toys and Doc always has to fix them.

docandtoysDoc knows what is wrong with the toys by checking them and giving them x-rays. Sometimes she does operations. She has a magic stethoscope that glows when she presses it and then the toys come to life and move around and talk. Her favorite toys are Lambie, Stuffy, Hallie and Chilly.

Lambie is a lamb who loves to give cuddles, which is another word for hugs and how you show you love people. One time when Lambie got a bit of her flesh ripped she was sad but then Doc asked her mother to consult on the patient and Lambie got sewed up. Lambie wears a tutu and she twirls when she is happy. She acted very shy when she met a mermaid doll. That was funny, to be so shy. I am not shy, except only sometimes.

Stuffy is a dragon.

Hallie is a hippo and she is Doc’s nurse. She says “Looks like a case for the Big Book of Boo-Boos!”, whenever it is a case for the Big Book of Boo-Boos. That is where the diagnosises [sic] go.  One time she got stuffing stuck in her ears which was called Ear Stuffinosis. Doc knew out what was wrong by looking in Hallies’s ears with an auriscope.

doctimeforyourcheckupChilly is a snowman. Not a real snowman.

Doc sings “Time for your check up!” when one of the toys needs a check up. “Gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you’ve grown!” And when a toy gets fixed they sing: “I feel better, so much better, thank you Doc for taking all the ouches away!” They do that every time. One time Doc sang that song when she was sick and her toys took care of her. Hallie was the best at taking care of her because she is a nurse so she is a trained professional.

There was another nurse, who was a bear, that came to live with Doc and her name was Sundrop. She had a nurse’s uniform on so everyone thought she was a good nurse but she wasn’t. But then after some time, she was. She did some training with Hallie.

florence_nightingaleHallie is a very good nurse! And Doc is the best toy doctor in the world! Florence Nightingale said that when Doc did time travel, but that was maybe imagination. (Is time travel true?) Florence Nightingale is a little girl from olden times who turned into a nurse and got a lamp when she grew up. I don’t know where she got the lamp, maybe for Christmas.

For Christmas, I would like a real-life trumpet.

— VF, age 5

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