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I like Jake and the Neverland Pirates (and Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates) because those shows are super-cool and I learn things. They are exciting, funny, scary, sad, really nice, too nice, all those things. Jake and his crew stop Captain Hook and Mr. Smee and Shark and Bones from taking treasure and destroying stuff.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates turned into Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates because Jake touched a magical sword and he turned into Captain Jake. It was at the end of the “Captain Jake” song. [The series got a new name at the beginning of Season 4 – Ed.]

Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully

Captain Jake’s crew are Izzy, Cubby and Skully, their little bird. They all help to stop Captain Hook, the sneaky snook. I don’t know why Captain Hook tries to steal treasure all the time. Maybe because he has no treasure. Captain Jake has all the treasure. That is fair because he and his team earned the treasure by stopping Captain Hook and being good.

In each episode they get gold doubloons for doing a really good job, like when I am at school my teacher gives out stickers for good people and good writers. They get as much doubloons as they earn, sometimes nine and sometimes ten. I hardly earn any stickers, I’ve only earned five stickers this whole year. My green star sticker and my gold and red sticker and my blue sticker and my “Good Job” sticker, and my smelling sticker and that’s all.

Actually, I got more than that but I don’t remember them.

Captain Jake always says “If you don’t get doubloons the first time, try to get doubloons the second time.”

Mr Smee always says “Oh, dear me.”

Captain Hook always says “Oh, codfish!”

Hook, Smee, Bones and Shark

Captain Hook lives in the Jolly Roger, which is a big ship. He lives with Shark, Bones and Mr. Smee. They live together because they’re Captain Hook’s crew. They don’t have to live with their crew, but they’re happy to.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates don’t live on a ship, they live in a hideout on Pirate Island with Bucky. Bucky is their ship.

Sometimes Peter Pan and Tinkerbell come to visit and sometimes Wendy and Michael and John come to visit, too. People who don’t know Captain Jake might know them from the movie that is called Peter Pan. Captain Jake wasn’t in the Peter Pan movie but I wasn’t upset. I loved it anyway.

Peter Pan is Jake’s best friend. Tinker Bell is Peter Pan’s best friend. Cubby and Jake are Izzy’s best friends. Skully’s best friend is Top Bird, he’s the leader of the Feathered Four. There’s also Eagle Eye, Swifty and… the blue one. [Talon. – Ed,] The Feathered Four do missions, separate missions to Jake, because they’re birds. They sometimes protect the princess and they defend SkyBird Island. The princess is also a bird. They don’t get gold doubloons, but on their one hundredth mission they got to get their golden wings, for honor. 

Pirate Pharaoh

But the best episode is when the pirate pharaoh came out, as well as Zolta, the pirate pharaoh’s cat. The pirate pharaoh brought back a giant Nubis. [Anubis. – Ed.] It’s a man with a dog’s head—or maybe a dog with a man’s body? It tried to destroy Captain Jake, because it was bad. Captain Jake defeated it by breaking it, because it was just made out of stone like other statues. He broke it when he whacked it with his mighty captain sword. It was super!

Skully, Izzy and Cubby are Jake’s best mateys. He says “mateys” a lot.

My favorite character is Skully, the bird, he always says “Crackers!” and he loves crackers instead of worms.

I’d like to have a pet bird, except it would poo on me.

— VF, 5 1/2

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