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powerrangersdinochargeposterPower Rangers: Dino Charge is the twenty-third season of Power Rangers. In this season the Power Rangers get their power from Energems. The Energems are little crystal things that an alien called Keeper (who was good) entrusted to dinosaurs. The Energems will only give you power if you are worthy and they bond to you. The colors of the Energems are red, pink, blue, green, black, gold, graphite, purple, aqua and silver (that’s right, there are ten Rangers!).

The Power Rangers have Zords, which are the spirits of the dinosaur the Energem got entrusted to. The Zords are T-Rex Zord, Tricerazord, the Stegazord, the Raptorzord, the Parazord, the Pterozord, the Pachazord, the Plesiazord, the Ankylozord and the biggest is the Titanozord.

The Pterozord, the Plesiazord and the Titanozord can transform into their own Megazord. A Megazord is basically a Zord which combines into a person shape and can fight. So the T-Rex Zord, the Tricerazord and the Stegazord all combine together, but the big ones just make up Megazords on their own — but they can also combine with others to get even bigger.

The bad guy in Power Ranger Dino Charge is called Sledge and he has a girlfriend called Poisandra. And his most worthy hunter is called Fury. Fury kind of looks like a guy with lightning on his arms and legs.


Tyler and Shelby: Super Awkward.

In the very first episode, two people found Energems while they were fighting a monster called Ice Age. They bonded to the gems and became Power Rangers. They are the Red and Pink Rangers called Tyler and Shelby. Shelby is in love with Tyler but she hasn’t told him and it is super awkward.

Tyler and Shelby kept fighting Ice Age as Power Rangers but it was too much and then the T-Rex Zord just appeared and it threw Ice Age away.

Then Tyler and Shelby were going to the dinosaur museum and on the way there was a guy on the side of the road whose motorbike had broken down and he was about to fix it but the manual got blown away by a truck and so he came with Tyler and Shelby and his name was Riley and he is the Green Ranger and he had his Energem already. He was also going to the dinosaur museum because he found the Energem in a fossil.


These are DinoChargers…

At the dinosaur museum Tyler wanted a photo in the mouth of a dinosaur skeleton but he pulled the wrong tooth and he opened a secret door to the secret Power Rangers base. Then Riley and Shelby went down into the mouth too. Inside they found Keeper (the friendly alien), Kota (a caveman Blue Power Ranger), Chase and Miss Morgan. Chase is the Black Ranger. Miss Morgan is the scientist who helps them find the other Energems and makes cool weapons for them like DinoChargers.

I am also a scientist because I make DinoChargers out of Lego.

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