One avid Buffy fan takes a look back at the four-year, forty-three-issue comic book “season” of his favorite television show…


buffys8-20After These Messages… We’ll Be Right Back! (Issue #20)
Written by Jeph Loeb
Penciled by Georges Jeanty, Eric Wight
Collected in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Vol. 3 (with Time of Your Life)

PLOT: A throwback to the failed-before-it-started Buffy cartoon, Buffy falls asleep (in Xander’s bed!) and dreams that she is back in Sunnydale (circa Season 1-2-ish, except Dawn is there). She gets to experience being back home, with an alive mother, and the whole Scooby Gang complete with Giles being all serious and “no-you-have-the-fate-of-the-world-in-your-hands-and-shouldn’t-go-to-the-party”. But at the end, after saving the world again, she wakes up.

FAMILIAR FACES: Joyce, Cordelia, Angel, Principal Snyder (all in dream form)

WHAT WORKS: This was a fun throwback issue, kind of giving a “what if” vibe to see what it would have been like had the long-proposed animated series actually taken off. Showcases how fun it was with Buffy simply taking out vampires-with-nefarious-plans with Willow and Xander (and Giles) in on the action for no particular reason because they weren’t particularly adept at, well, anything yet.

WHAT DOESN’T WORK: Can’t really complain about this issue at all, unless some would find it bothersome that there was no overarching plot progression whatsoever. I’m not one of those, in this case.

REVELATIONS WITHIN: Dawn’s not a giant robot monkey!


BUFFY: Is she a giant monkey now? Or a giant robot? Or a giant robot monkey?! Although… Dawny changed into a giant robot monkey I’d like to see…

BUFFY-NESS FACTOR: Very high. Definitely does well to get the feel of old-school Buffy.

Note: The next five issues are sometimes grouped together as Predators and Prey, but really are all a series of one-offs, and thus will be commented on separately

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