Source: StarWarsNews

Source: StarWarsNews

A little while ago rumors were floating around that Joss Whedon was open to directing a Star Wars movie. At first I wasn’t so sure because Joss often has a voice that really shines through many of his creative projects. While I am a HUGE Joss fangirl, I wasn’t so into the idea. But here’s the thing: Joss Whedon is like George Lucas in so many ways. He’s experimental, he’s a fantastic world builder, and he’s already created multiple cult classics. Maybe Joss is really the one director that really gets it in a way others might not.

There’s no denying that Joss has his own point of view. His movies tend to be witty, sharp, and lack the kinds of earnest Dad jokes that characterize Star Wars (and for some reason create that childlike wonder). But that doesn’t mean he can’t do that kind of writing and directing. His film Much Ado About Nothing took the words of Shakespeare and made them somehow modern and relatable while not replacing the core of the story. He is clearly capable of changing his voice for the greater narrative.

obiwansadSo why should he do a Kenobi Anthology film? First, because everyone should want to do a Kenobi film. This is the film most people I talk to want. (Who’s Boba Fett??) More importantly, the story of Obi-Wan is amazingly sad. He loses his family, way of life. and the only person he’s ever loved and must live alone on a desert hellscape watching that person’s child grow up so he can use him to save the Galaxy.

How I am not crushed by sadness even thinking about it is a wonder.

If there’s one thing Joss is good at above anything else is ripping our hearts out of our chests. He feeds on the tears of fans. He would be perfect. To the pain, sir, to the pain.

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