Back on Wednesday, September 14 is this ever-creepy anthology series, the sixth season of which is a closely held secret variously rumored to be based on a Stephen King novel, dwell on the Roanoke colony disappearance or possibly even aliens. Here’s what’s happened so far:


An anthology horror series that aims for the jugular with its outlandish story-lines and some of the most creative and disgusting scenes ever on the small screen. Blood and terror is the show’s bread and butter: serial-killers, ghosts, vampires, witches, monsters and more. American Horror Story leaves no supernatural stone unturned in its quest to make you squirm; come for the gore, stay for one of the best TV ensembles on air right now.

ahs-season-1SEASON 1:

A fractured family make an attempt at a fresh start when they move into their new home in LA only to discover that the price of the house wasn’t the only thing that was slashed in recent months. Dubbed the ”Murder House,” its violent and tragic history is explored as the Harmonn family are tormented by all manner of ghostly beings – ya know, like Gimps with a penchant for sticking things where they don’t belong.

ahs-season-2SEASON 2: ASYLUM

When determined reporter Lana Winters (played masterfully by Sarah Poulson) attempts to expose the harsh conditions that patients at Briar Cliff insane asylum must endure, she soon finds herself at the cruel mercy of Sister Jude Martin (Jessica Lange). Now trapped inside the asylum, Lana must find a way to escape, in between electric-shock treatments, lobotomies, dealing with an ex-Nazi scientist, aliens and demonic possession. When a musical number makes its way into the one of the later episodes, it comes as a moment of sweet, sweet relief, in what is American Horror Story‘s bleakest (and probably best) season.

ahs-season-3SEASON 3: COVEN

The year of the witch! When Zoe Benson (Taissa Fargma) kills her boyfriend with her vagina (no, really), her mother informs her that, while she isn’t exactly Sabrina, she has magical and murderous powers. Before she can say ”hocus pocus,” she’s forced to attend an academy for the gifted. It’s there that she meets her fellow witches and finds herself slap bang in the middle of an ancient feud between them and voodoo priests and witch-hunters, the whole a breath of fresh, batshit crazy air.

ahs-season-4SEASON 4: FREAK SHOW

Here we follow the trials and tribulations of a carnival of ”freaks” as they struggle with living on the fringes of society. There’s a guy with penis-hands, a woman with four breasts, and a killer clown on the loose. And Jessica Lange sings a lot. That’s pretty much all there is to it. And Carnivale did it better.



The year Lady Gaga replaced Jessica Lange, the story centers around a group of depressed hotel employees who grow increasingly weary of one another, and of the hotel they are bound to, and begin questioning death’s biggest mysteries. They’ve got time, they’re all dead. A captivating season big on ideas, Lady Gaga’s turn as a vampire is one of the obvious talking points; to her credit, she does a serviceable job of her many (s)exposition scenes. This time out we also get our biggest and boldest link to former Horror Stories, thus confirming that this anthology series is actually more inter-connected than we were led to believe.

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