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The Powerpuff Girls is about three little cheerful girls, except not really Buttercup, she gets very angry. They fight crime whenever villains or bad people come to the city of Townsville, which is where they live.

Their names are Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Blossom is commander and leader, Bubbles is the joy and the laughter, Buttercup is the toughest fighter — that’s not mine, that’s from the song at the end. Their father is the Professor. The Powerpuff Girls were made by mixing together sugar and spice and everything nice, but that wouldn’t really make anything. It’ll just be a bunch of things that are nice with some sugar and spice added. He didn’t even put water in. He was stirring it up, but there was no water in it, so that wouldn’t be possible.


Mojo Jojo!

Some liquid got in when Mojo Jojo, who is one of the villains, pushed Professor Utonium and caused his stick to hit the glass bottle of Chemical X that was on the shelf right close to where he was working on making little girls. He was making little girls because he might have felt lonely. Or maybe because he’s a scientist who was trying new inventions, like making little girls. All of the Chemical X  ran out of the bottle and into the concoction. The Chemical X caused the girls the Professor invented to be the Powerpuff Girls instead of regular girls.

The Powerpuff Girls’ powers are fighting, flying, ice breath, laser eyes and… an echo hearing thing. Like when your ear turns into a loud speaker. Just Blossom has that power, as well as the ice breath, but they all have laser eyes. And the trail of their colors goes behind them, that is another power. Buttercup is green, Blossom is pink and Bubbles is blue. Bubbles kind of looks like me except my hair is longer and I don’t act that way, all cheerful and rolling on the ground and fighting sometimes. She is much younger than me and very cute-ish.

Naptime at Pokey Oaks

Nap time at Pokey Oaks

The Powerpuff Girls go to a school called Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. One day there was a new girl called Princess. She was jealous of the Powerpuff Girls. On her first day she was unkind to everyone — she passed by a cardboard box train and said “My Daddy could get me my own private jet,” then she passed by some other kids and just said even more negative things. Finally she passed by a little girl watching the class hamster. The little girl said: “Hey, do you want to play with the class hamster?”

“No way!” shouted Princess, and she scared the class hamster and it started running as fast as it could on its little… is it called a treadmill? No, wheel! The hamster cage fell off the table and the hamster was just about to get hurt. Until the Powerpuff Girls saw. They shouted out one of their crime moves and Buttercup lasered the hamster cage and Bubbles curled up into a ball and Blossom threw her at the hamster and she rolled out of her ball and caught the hamster. So the hamster was saved, is what I am saying. The whole class cheered “Hooray for the Powerpuff Girls!”



The Mayor is the boss of the city of Townsville. He has a phone that calls only the Powerpuff Girls, and then the girls go see what’s wrong. Sometimes it is Him, who is, I don’t know, this crazy girl-and-boy — I’ll say “hesh” because I mean “he” and “she.” Hesh speaks really weirdly, like “Heeeeey, little giirrrllll,” all up and down. He’s red. And there’s the Omega Boys [Amoeba Boys — Ed.], they’re my favorite ones, they are really dumb and they don’t know anything. “Just admit it, you know you’re last!” That’s from the episode when it’s the Powerpuff Girls’ birthday.

Mojo Jojo is another villain, he was the Professor’s lab monkey pet except then he snuck into some potions and when the Powerpuff Girls’ mixture exploded he got turned into Mojo Jojo. He says his name a lot and always goes to jail.

That’s basically it.

— HF, age 8

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