Dear Frequency,

I reached the end of your series premiere and decided to add you to my already overburdened television schedule. By the end of your second episode, I realized I had made a mistake.

Now I have just finished episode five of you, and I have simply had enough. I’m done. I don’t care who the Nightingale Killer is, or if Raimy and Frank properly remould the timeline to their selfish satisfaction. I just cannot take another shrill, irrational outburst from your humorless, soul-crushing lead, nor another moment of her heedless, reckless father’s incompetent scruffiness.

How I envy anyone who decided not to waste their time with you. I was sucked in by my fondness for the film on which it was based, and a very clever pilot. But I should have known I could only handle so much Peyton List as Raimy – she was far and away the worst part of The Tomorrow People, and that show had an Amell brother in it, playing a sixteen-year-old who looked at least thirty-two – and her show dad, Frank (Riley Smith), is just THE WORST, constantly breaking basic rules of police procedure and being a terrible father — in two separate time periods — as well as an even worse husband.

But the real problem with your increasing silliness is just how delusional you were you expect us to put up with these people’s outrageous behavior before we’ve had the chance to care about them enough to excuse it.

Episode 2 Raimy is a soulless, shrill automaton, and her neighbour Gordo (Lenny Jacobson) a pointless adjunct only there to show us how truly sociopathic his childhood best-friend is. Seriously, zero empathy, this Raimy. Total self-involvement. She’s horrible.

Even in flashbacks to a happier time, she’s appalling. But I suppose cheekbones like those help one get away with a lot.

Oh, and Raimy’s mom? Also horrid. (And this isn’t her fault, or even yours, Frequency – much as I hate to excuse you of anything – but Devin Kelley looks so much like Terry Farrell I find it very disconcerting.) Basically, I hate the whole family. And you did this, show. YOU. I was all set to last the distance with your retold tale, but you have sent me running with your sheer full-blown stupid, ashamed that I didn’t predict just how desperately unwatchable you were to become in the first flush of my enthusiasm. It is more than just your characters being unbearable – seriously, Mekhi Phifer’s police detective/lieutenant Satch Rayna is the only even remotely decent person you’ve provided us, and he’s definitely corrupt and kind of an ass – it is also a total lack of logic and a whole lot of frustrating talking at cross purposes.

So goodbye, Frequency. I wish I could say it’s been fun, but that hasn’t been true for four episodes now. You, much like Raimy’s fucked-up-future mom, are dead to me. But unlike Raimy’s mom, you will not be resurrected at the end of the season and/or series, unless someone actually changes the past and somehow makes you less awful.

Yours, in disappointment,

Rachel Hyland

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Rachel Hyland is Editor-in-Chief of Geek Speak Magazine and, she is pretty sure, the one true queen of Fantastica, raised in obscurity to protect her from the dark lord Sinisterium. If you see her magic sword, get in touch via twitter: @rachyland or Instagram: @rachelseesdeadpeople. The fate of the many worlds may just depend upon it.