One avid Buffy fan takes a look back at the four-year, forty-three-issue comic book “season” of his favorite television show…


Anywhere But Here (Issue #10)
Written by Joss Whedon
Penciled by Cliff Richards
Collected in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Vol. 2

PLOT: An exposition-and-dialogue-in-a-good-way filled one-off issue, with Willow and Buffy off to talk with an old demon — for whom reality isn’t quite as straight-forward as it might be for others — in order to try to find out what they can about Twilight, while Xander and Dawn have a nice heart-to-heart about how she ended up a giant: everyone assumes she slept with something called a Thricewise… but did she?! And in their visit to the demon, Buffy and Willow must face secrets they have kept from each other.

FAMILIAR FACES: Kennedy (sigh). Also, Daniel Craig, Tina Fey, and multiple Christian Bales (just go with it).

WHAT WORKED: This kind of issue is rather important to have on occasion — a simple and straight-forward issue that reveals some information and sets the stage to move plots along. We learn why Dawn was cursed to be a giant, we learn why Willow isn’t around Buffy and the main crew all the time, we learn where the funding for all the cool things the crew has comes from, and we learn the supposed result of the upcoming war with Twilight (“The Death of Magic,” according to the old demon thingy).

WHAT DOESN’T WORK: Not much, other than the irritation I feel at how deeply Willow apparently cares for Kennedy, when she is probably the only person within the Buffyverse and within Buffy fandom who feels that way (I don’t care for Kennedy).

REVELATIONS WITHIN: Dawn’s a teenage girl! Buffy’s an international jewel thief!


BUFFY: My grip on reality is not that grippy. I’m protective of it.

BUFFY-NESS FACTOR: Pretty high. Good dialogue and interaction between characters, and I could actually picture this being an episode, but there have been better issues/episodes as well.

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