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A Shattered Empire (Sorcery Ascendant Sequence #3) by Mitchell Hogan. High Fantasy, Harper Voyager

After young Caldan’s parents were slain, a group of monks raised the boy and initiated him into the arcane mysteries of sorcery. But when the Mahruse Empire was attacked, and the lives of his friends hung in the balance, he was forced to make a dangerous choice. Now, as two mighty empires face off in a deadly game of supremacy, potent sorcery and creatures from legend have been unleashed. To turn the tide of war and prevent annihilation, Caldan must learn to harness his fearsome and forbidden magic. But as he grows into his powers, the young sorcerer realizes that not all the monsters are on the other side. And though traps and pitfalls lie ahead, and countless lives are at stake, one thing is certain: to save his life, his friends, and his world, Caldan must risk all to defeat a sorcerer of immense power. Failure will doom the world. Success will doom Caldan.

Age of Heroes by James Lovegrove. Urban Fantasy, Titan

Heracles, Perseus, Theseus, Orpheus, Achilles, Hippolyta, Aeneas, King Minos, Helen of Troy—for centuries they have survived on Earth, doing their best to fit in among ordinary humans. The offspring of liaisons between god and mortal, they are blessed, or perhaps cursed, with eternal life. They cannot be killed. But someone has figured out how to do just that. One by one, the demigods are meeting gory, violent ends. Now it’s up to Theseus, comfortably ensconced in New York and making his living as a crime fiction writer, to investigate the deaths. His search for the culprit draws him back into the lives of his extended family of cousins and half-siblings, and into a world of tragedy and long-held grudges that he thought, and hoped, he’d put behind him.

Gamescape: Overworld by Emma Trevayne. YA Dystopia, Greenwillow.

In a futuristic version of Earth, society is mostly controlled by a company that produces an addictive virtual reality game called Chimera. Everyone plays Chimera. Defeating the levels is how you earn enough points for clothes, food, even medical enhancements. Miguel Anderson is good at it. In fact, he’s better than anyone he knows. He spends all of his free time playing, hoping to reach Level 25. At Level 25 you can pick any prize you want—and Miguel needs a new biometric heart. When the game runners announce a global competition to launch a new version with untold prizes, Miguel enters and becomes a team leader. That’s new for him—playing on a team. And complicated, as the game becomes a delicate power play between wholly unexpected players.

Navigators of Dune (Dune #10) by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson. SF, Tor Books.

Navigators of Dune is the climactic finale of the Great Schools of Dune trilogy, set 10,000 years before Frank Herbert’s classic Dune. The story tells the origins of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and its breeding program, the human-computer Mentats, and the Navigators (the Spacing Guild), as well as a crucial battle for the future of the human race, in which reason faces off against fanaticism. These events have far-reaching consequences that will set the stage for Dune, millennia later.

The Sound of Seas (EarthEnd Saga #3) by Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin. Science Fiction, Simon451

The EarthEnd Saga comes to a thrilling conclusion in a wild story involving time travel, ghosts, alien technology, and strange spiritual powers … the perfect combination for X-Files fans. After discovering the secrets to the Gaalderkhani tiles—ancient computers that house not just memories, but untold destructive force—Caitlin O’Hara’s son gets accidentally thrust back in time. In order to save him she must master the power of the tiles and figure out what the Gaalderkhani’s modern relatives are searching and killing for. Can she put the pieces together and bring her son back home again? In the exciting finale to their acclaimed paranormal series, Anderson and Rovin pull out all the stops.


Cold-Forged Flame by Marie Brennan. Fantasy, Publishing
Eternity’s Mind (Saga of Shadows #3) by Kevin J. Anderson. SF, Tor Books
The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron. YA Dystopia, Scholastic.
Jerusalem by Alan Moore. Alternate History, Liveright/Norton
Little Nothing by Marisa Silver. Literary Fairy Tale, Blue Rider
The Reader (Sea of Ink and Gold #1) by Tracy Chee. YA Post-Apocalyptic SF, Putnam Books for Young Readers
Summerlong by Peter S. Beagle. Fantasy, Tachyon Publications
Yamada Monogatari: The Emperor in Shadow (Yamada Monogatari #4) by Richard Parks. Historical Fantasy, Prime Books
The Evil Wizard Smallbone by Delia Sherman. Young Readers Fantasy, Candlewick

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