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Craziest Elected Officials in Fiction

With great power comes great insanity...

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The main job of speculative fiction is to shine an unflinching light on injustice in our own world, and point out the perils of the paths we as a society have taken, or may yet take. Nowhere does it fulfil this brief so completely as when it points out the fallible, often inhuman, nature of those who seek power, and will do anything to keep it.

As we at last near the end of this seemingly interminable election season, we thought it fitting to shine our own unflinching light on some of the oddest choices ever made by a gullible electorate. Because if ever we needed a reminder…

(For those wondering at the absence of President Snow, he would be here, of course, except we highly doubt Panem is a functioning democracy. Look for him in our Top 13 Craziest Tyrants in Fiction, coming soon.)

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