A much friendlier ghost takes center stage in this kicky little tune. The Texas ladies’ man of the title doesn’t much care about anyone’s soul; he’s just looking for a good time, a sentiment enthusiastically reciprocated by lead singer Johnette Napolitano. “He seemed so glad to see a woman in the flesh, and I rrreally liked his spirit,” she growls suggestively. Later, when she belts out “You don’t scare me, you don’t scare me, I cried/To my ec-to-plas-mic lover from the Other Side,” it seems a shame that Napolitano couldn’t work out a way to bridge time and space and visit the Yorkshire moors in order to share ghost-wrangling tips with poor Heathcliff.

He knew I’d understand…

“Ghost of a Texas Ladies’ Man”
Music and Lyrics by J. Napolitano | Produced by Chris Tsangarides, Concrete Blonde
Format: CD | Length: 3:50
Released: 1992 | Label: I.R.S. Records

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