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Halloween Party Songs

It's (Halloween) Party Time!

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It's October! And that means Halloween parties and going out for long walks in the 90-degree weather (I mean, October used to mean cold, but...). You're going to want a great Halloween playlist to go along with you, in both cases.

"Werewolves of London"? Sure, why not, it's a staple! Everyone loves a great werewolf song! "This is Halloween"? Well, that's just going to make you want to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas, which isn't a bad thing.

What IS a bad thing is playing the same old spooky songs. Get far enough down anyone's playlist and eventually you'll find "Monster Mash," the official anthem of "I didn't even try on this Halloween party's soundtrack."

So here are 13 songs you probably haven't heard of that will definitely give your playlist a geeky boost...

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