Hey there! As we celebrate our first month back in action here at Geek Speak, I’d like to take a quick moment to thank all the dedicated staffers who put their lives on hold, often at a moment’s notice, to offer up their thoughts on everything from Civil War II to the Skywalker curse to what it would be like if Mulder and Scully visited Storybrooke. (It would be amazing!)

Probably my favorite of our new features is What We’re Reading, now totally my go-to when I need to feed my reader. Not only is it wonderful seeing the breadth and scope of our crack staff’s interests — Space Opera! YA Dystopia! Urban Fantasy! Contemporary Fantasy! High Fantasy! Well, okay, all of the Fantasy! — it is especially delightful to get recommendations of indie book releases you might have missed. (Colleen Reed, this one is all you!)

I also LOVE our new advice column, Ask the Geek Gurus, in which the mysterious A & K settle whatever might be bothering you with their practical, occasionally outlandish, but always entertaining advice. If you have a dilemma you’d like to set before the gurus, don’t hesitate to send it in! You won’t be sorry.*

But those two are far from our only regular series, of course. From K. Burtt’s reread of the Buffy Season 8 comics to Marvel Movie Monday to our spirited Geek vs. Geeks to David Baldwin’s glorious weekly Film Geek column, there is a lot going on around these parts, and I am so damn proud of every pixel of it. Each This Week in Geek post makes me just giddy with the happy. What better way to stay informed? (Also, have you seen our newsletter? It’s pretty! Sign up here.)

It has been a hell of a month here at Geek Speak HQ! Thanks for being a part of it.

Yours in gratitude,

Rachel Hyland
Editor-in-Chief, Geek Speak Magazine


* Disclaimer: You may actually be sorry.


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