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Horror Movie Survival Tips

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

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Horror movies. Whether they be of the slasher serial killer kind, the zombie horde kind or the spooky possessed-by-a-demon/ghost kind, there is always a good chance that most, if not all, of the cast will garner themselves a spectacularly bloody death scene, often before the end of Act I. Who among us hasn’t (internally; or, more embarrassingly, aloud) shouted at these hapless souls to not be So. Freaking. Stupid? How many of them would have remained yet alive to see the final credits roll if only they had borne in mind the following sensible tips?

(Well, okay, none of them, since a horror movie isn’t horror movie without the death and the gore, it’s in the script; but you get the point.)

Okay, so they’ll never save the doomed, photogenic Debbies, Chads and Candis of the world, but hey, maybe they’ll help you someday. And with the annual Halloween fright fest approaching, you just never know…

[Cue foreboding music]

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