evilanakinAnakin Skywalker is both my favorite hero and my favorite villain. That being said, I’m getting a bit of Vader fatigue. Kylo Ren is a Vader fanboy, Vader’s showing up in Rebels (on top of a X-Wing!), and he’s set up to have a cameo in Rogue One. I get that we all have a Vader addiction and the only cure is More Vader, but one of my many unpopular opinions is that we need to start having films that don’t have Vader.

I’ve even heard on the internet that there should be a new spinoff Vader Anthology. What? Did these people not see the same six films I did? I mean, there was already a whole six-film saga dedicated to Vader and all his many screw ups and how his family has to clean up his galactic-sized mess. We don’t need to have him shoehorned into places just to sell more merchandise, or to have him there for the sake of it.

vaderrenI think undercutting all this sentiment is the need to have this character be such a badass, and that’s the disconnect for me. This was a guy with issues who made a bunch of really bad choices and became the Emperor’s tool for twenty years. He force choked people over Skype for god’s sake. There were some amazingly emotional scenes with him because of Luke, but he was really pathetic in so many ways and it deepened him. I think Terminator in Space degrades that.

So let’s use Vader where it works and leave him to the side where it doesn’t.

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Sara Paige is a Columnist for Geek Speak Magazine and is happy to put her enormous and completely unprofitable knowledge of random pop culture to work. She has lots of unpopular opinions on all sorts of large movie franchises and can't wait to share them all.