Lucifer, a detective show with a supernatural difference, is back for a second season of our ultimate anti-hero’s inappropriate remarks, implied orgies, piano playing, proving himself useful and using the word “miscreant” on Monday, September 19.


Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg in DC Vertigo’s Sandman comic, the show has very little in common with the source material except that this version of the Lord of Hell is still incredibly debonair and has serious Daddy Issues.


Bored with his life of eternal damnation, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) retires to Los Angeles, where he lives an elegantly decadent lifestyle as owner of an exclusive club called Lux. Suave, charming and quite literally devilish, he is disconcertingly open about his otherworldly nature. He teams up with homicide detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) after a protégé’s death in order to punish the wicked – it’s his deal – and resists the will of God his father, that he go back to reign in Hell…

luciferep1EPISODE 1 — “PILOT”

We meet Lucifer as he talks his way out of a traffic ticket by convincing the arresting officer to admit to his own foibles. Darkly handsome with a clipped English accent and a compelling stare, Lucifer is drawn into a murder investigation when a former employee is murdered by his side. Disgraced detective Chloe Decker reluctantly accepts his help, and she in turn fascinates Lucifer with her resistance to his mind games. There’s also an angel, a shooting, and a sex-for-therapy agreement struck.


In the previous episode, Lucifer not only saved Chloe’s life after she was shot, he also shows no ill-effect from being shot himself. Though he blithely insists this is because he’s immortal, Chloe continues to investigate the how of it all, while Lucifer tries to understand why she is immune to his charms. Meanwhile, a murder case gets investigated illicitly by the pair, Lucifer’s angel brother Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) continues to harass “Lucy” about returning to Hell, and Lucifer’s sex therapy continues.


More sex therapy, more Lucifer realizing that he is becoming more and more human, more Chloe insisting she doesn’t need his help before just letting him join her investigation anyway – this time into the death of a starlet in a wrongly-accused quarterback’s pool – and more Chloe trying to figure out just what the hell Lucifer is, even though he keeps telling her all the time.

lucifer-chloegunEPISODE 4 — “MANLY WHATNOTS “

Lucifer decides he wants to sleep with Chloe to break her hold over him, but she refuses his advances, much to his befuddlement. Then the two go undercover to find a girl who went missing at a convention led by master douche Carver Cruz (Christopher Marquette), a self-proclaimed pick-up expert. Chloe finally becomes almost convinced that Lucifer has some sort of unearthly power until he encourages her to shoot him, she does, and then she somehow makes him bleed his own blood. “That’s impossible!” declares Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Lucifer’s faithful demon sidekick and bartender. It should be. So does Chloe have power over the Devil? Or is he becoming mortal?


Lucifer is at a sneaker fashion show (LA!), when a shooting causes a young girl’s death and could well lead to a gang war. In Chloe’s bad graces after their own shooting incident – even though he covered for her in fine style – Lucifer inveigles her lieutenant into letting him join the investigation, as he chases the high this new mortality provides. The subject of Lucifer’s many “deals with the devil” is the background to discovering just how much his meddling affects the innocent, much to Chloe’s disapproval. Also, a pet pig is murdered, Maze shows off some badass demon ninja skills and Lucifer becomes an official civilian consultant to the LAPD, and so is perforce now Chloe’s partner.


The episode opens with a show-stopping musical number from Lucifer, while he is being robbed of something very precious, apparently. He and Chloe eventually investigate and bring the wrongdoers to justice—but not all of them. Meanwhile, after Amenadiel befriended Lucifer’s therapist Linda (Rachael Harris) last episode – when Maze, who really wants to go back to Hell, tipped him off – she gives her patient a Bible-inspired talking to. And something important of Lucifer’s is still missing!


It’s his wings that are missing, the ones he had Maze cut off five years earlier, when he first arrived in LA. When Chloe is too wrapped up in an internal affairs-style case to help – one that has her whole department hating her – Lucifer turns to Amenadiel. But it was Amenadiel who had the wings stolen in the first place, trying to trick his brother in going back to Hell. Lucifer burns the wings instead, and realized Maze betrayed him. Elsewhere, Chloe and her estranged husband, Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) get closer as they try to smoke out the crooked cop who shot Detective Malcolm Graham (Kevin Rankin)—whose life Amenadiel just saved.

malcolmdanEPISODE 8 — “ET TU, DOCTOR?”

Our topic is jealousy, with Lucifer coming to grips with Chloe’s renewed attentions to “Detective Douche” as they continue to investigate their fellow officers. Meanwhile, a controversial therapist is murdered and Linda realizes she really has to stop sleeping with Lucifer in payment for psychological services rendered instead of just sending him a bill. Malcolm’s recovery leaves Chloe, who has long accused him of corruption, in an awkward situation, but when his partner commits suicide and confesses to shooting him and being on the take, it appears the case is all wrapped up. But no, it was Dan who shot him! And Malcolm WAS on the take! No way!


A priest asks Lucifer for help in saving the kids in his parish from a drug dealer’s influence. The Devil initially refuses, out of spite against his father – and there are a lot of predictable accusations of pedophilia – but the two eventually become friends, causing Lucifer’s violent outrage when the priest is eventually (kinda needlessly; come on, Chloe!) killed. His mourning is made slightly easier when Chloe calls him her friend. Elsewhere, Dan is blackmailed into getting an untraceable gun for Malcolm—who Amenadiel orders to use it on the apparently now-mortal Lucifer, thus hopefully sending him back to Hell.


A chef is murdered and daddy (and mommy) issues are explored as Chloe’s famous actress mother (Rebecca De Mornay!) comes back to town. In saving he and Chloe from a burning building, Lucifer gets a third-degree burn, which he calls “ironic.” Then Chloe is on the cusp of getting back together with Dan, but he is kidnapped by Malcolm after trying to prevent the assassination of Lucifer, and on the heels of his supposed rejection of her, Chloe shows up to Lucifer’s penthouse, drunk, and makes a move on him. Selflessly, he turns her down. Because even the devil knows consent is important.


Impressed with his own restraint in refusing sex with Chloe, the object of his amorous intent since they met, Lucifer takes on the mantle of benefactor, identifying a little too much with a murdered philanthropist. He talks Malcolm out of killing him, gets shot by the murderer of the episode, but lives, without a scratch. Lucifer asks idly of Maze (who just had car sex with Amenadiel!) “Why is it that sometimes I’m immortal, and other times I’m all too human?”, and tests a theory. He only gets hurt when he’s around Chloe!


Satanists are dying, making Lucifer uniquely qualified to assist with the case, but he is reluctant to spend any time with Chloe, given her power to wound him – or, get him wounded. Still, he is mightily displeased by the whole thing (“I’m not evil, I punish evil”) and agrees to help. Maze and Amenadiel continue their affair, though Maze claims she’s in it just for Lucifer’s sake, even going so far as to try unsuccessfully to kill her angel lover in his sleep, to protect her boss/best-friend. Enraged and hurt, Amenadiel and Lucifer brawl, after which a distraught Chloe finds a street preacher, who had previously tangled with Lucifer, dead at Lux. But the increasingly unhinged Malcolm is the real killer…

luciferep13EPISODE 13 – “TAKE ME BACK TO HELL”

Lucifer is on the run, thanks to the timely intervention of Amenadiel, but Dan realizes who the real killer is, since he provided him with the murder weapon. Dan comes clean to Chloe about the Malcolm debacle; she is pretty upset. With his name cleared, Lucifer is back on the case and desperate to punish the wicked, when Malcolm abducts Chloe and Dan’s adorable moppet of a daughter, Trixie (), and holds her to ransom. Having also stabbed Amenadiel with one of Maze’s demon blades (confiscated into evidence), Lucifer is quite put out with Malcolm—even more so when Malcolm dares shoot him dead. (Malcolm gets his comeuppance, never fear.) But God allows Lucifer to return to Earth because he is needed there. There has been a prison break from Hell… and it’s his Mum…

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