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Methods of Resurrection

With our miraculous resurrection here at Geek Speak, our minds naturally turn to the many rebirths that populate our beloved genre. Because very often in our favourite fictional worlds, dead doesn’t mean DEAD. Especially not when your name is in the credits.

Here, a look at the best fictional (so far…) methods of rejoining the land of the living:


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One of the surest fantasy paths to revival is through potentially losing your soul while gaining an insatiable craving for an iron-rich diet…

Notable Examples: Though it seemed ditzy mean girl Harmony (Mercedes McNab) was doomed in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s third season finale, she turned out merely to have been turned—making no discernible difference to her personality; the winsome Caroline (Candice King) of The Vampire Diaries is smothered to death in her hospital bed, only to return undead, having previously snacked on vampire blood; and the vampires of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld have managed to overcome even their final death—just a small drop of blood on their ashes resurrects them entirely.

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