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Most Memorable Star Trek Episodes


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Space: The final frontier. Since all the way back in 1966, television viewers have been privileged to accompany the Starship Enterprise as it explored strange new worlds, sought out new life and new civilizations, and boldly went where no one had gone before. The Enterprise’s sister ship, Voyager, went even farther. And even without quite as many new worlds and civilizations, Deep Space 9 managed to serve up some of the most compelling adventures of all. To celebrate Star Trek's 50th Anniversary, the episodes that stayed with us the longest...

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  • Rachel Hyland

    “Darmok”! “The Inner Light!” “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”! Definitely, right on the money. I would have liked to see TNG’s “The Outcast” here, and/or “Chain of Command” (“There. Are. Four. Lights!”), but TREK offers a vast sea of awesome from which to choose just a very few, and of course favourites are bound to vary. (I also adore “The Game,” but somehow doubt that Wesley-saves-the-ship-again vehicle is universally beloved.)

    I agree that “Threshhold” is memorable for all the wrong reasons — I will certainly never forget it, no matter how hard I try.

    • Another Kate

      13 is a very small number when you’re dealing with Star Trek!

      Also…I look back at “Threshold” with considerable affection. Not necessarily respectful affection…more like “remember that time Tom Paris had procreative lizard-sex with Janeway and I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants? And then they never mentioned it again because, well, would you acknowledge that THAT happened?” Today, of course, I picture Red from Orange Is the New Black giving me THE EYE and saying, in that accent of hers, “Yes, I f*cked Tom Paris when we were both reptiles on that planet. You have problem with this? [spits into the corner] I tell you, babushka. He vass SUPERB.” And then she refuses to feed me for the next two weeks, because that’s how Red rolls.