One avid Buffy fan takes a look back at the four-year, forty-three-issue comic book “season” of his favorite television show…


No Future for You (Issues #6-9)
Written by Brian K. Vaughn
Penciled by Georges Jeanty
Collected as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Vol. 2 (with Issue #10)

PLOT: Giles recruits Faith to go undercover as a British debutante to assassinate an apparently very-well-magically-protected rogue Slayer who supposedly will lead to the end of the world if left alive. Faith is promised retirement from the whole Slayer thing upon mission completion. Meanwhile, back at the not-terribly-secret-hideout-of-a-giant-Scottish-castle, various angst occurs as a way to give the other characters screen(?) time.

FAMILIAR FACES: Faith, Giles, Robin Wood (briefly)

WHAT WORKS: Faith has always been my favorite Buffy character (next to Jonathan, at least…no one surpasses the Superstar!), so a great Faith-based story line was quite satisfying. Despite the writer (mostly known for comics, but also wrote several episodes of Lost) never having worked on Buffy before, everyone felt rather in-character (with one possible exception… see below), and included within are some nice moments of character and overarching plot development, such as an attempt to dig deeper into why Dawn is a giant, and Buffy’s concerns over the whole Twilight [remember, the burgeoning Big Bad? – Ed.] thing. And finally someone wonders how they are able to afford all this cool stuff!

buffys8-06-faithWHAT DOESN’T WORK: While I can understand the approach, I’m not sure I really buy that Faith would be the go-to wetworks woman within the Slayership. In fact, I think in many ways she would be the least likely choice. It made for a good story, as long as one nodded and smiled with that, but it seems to me that with all these new Slayers around, and only two with actual Slayer experience, that there would be many other things that Faith would be involved with instead of being ostracized as she apparently was until something nasty came up.

REVELATIONS WITHIN: Faith and Robin broke up! Faith has become a covert assassin Slayer! Buffy doesn’t trust Faith (that’s probably not much of a revelation, is it?)! Twilight likes to walk on air and wear a mask!


GILES: Maybe I could be the Steed to your Peel?
FAITH: God, I hope that’s not as gross as it sounds.

BUFFY-NESS FACTOR: Pretty High. The characters had the right feel, the inner turmoil was very Buffy-like, but there was a lack of wit and charm in the dialog.

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