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Site Policy

SHELDON: I thought we could spend the day watching the final season of Babylon 5 with director commentary.
LEONARD: But you hate Babylon 5.
SHELDON: I do. It fails as drama, science fiction, and is hopelessly derivative. But you like it, and you’re my friend.
The Big Bang Theory, “The Large Hadron Collision” (03.15)

We can’t always agree on what is good and what is bad.

Some people are convinced of the abiding worth of Laurell K. Hamilton novels, others can’t get enough Ghost in the Shell and still others swear by the allegedly other-worldly adventures of Alison DuBois.

We at Geek Speak embrace all forms of worship, whether it be Whedonian, Abramsist, Mooreite, Cameronity or anything along the way. We love our fellow geek as we do ourselves, and think nothing of co-mingling with people of incredibly diverse faiths; the Trekkies, Warsies, Moonies, Whovians, Narutards, Xenites, Browncoats, Twilighters and even — dear Lord! — Wheel Watchers.

That said, as much as we value your right to worship, we also value our own right the rant and rave about whatever we wish for as long as we wish to do so. We won’t be pulling any punches, just to save the tender feelings of a few stray souls still plowing through those Conan: The Cimmerian comics. So, we may swear sometimes, we may say mean things about stuff you like, and we may even make you want to cry. But just remember that we love you, and no matter what is said, it’s only our opinion. You are welcome to yours, and equally welcome to share it with us. But we are not going to apologize for anything we might say, no matter how much you might think we should.

So, that’s the policy. Of this site.

Oh, and also: be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes!