Spoiler Policy

HOMER: Who would have thought Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father?
— The Simpsons, “I Married Marge” (03.12)

We well know the pain of too much information. We understand what it’s like to be reading a review or an article or a synopsis and find that the twist ending has been revealed, or the much-anticipated romance discussed in great detail, or the shocking denoument wondered over no end. It can be absolutely infuriating, and is not a fate we wish upon any of our fellow man.

That said, it is our bounden journalistic geek duty to reveal as much as is needful about whatever topic is under discussion in these here pages. We will do our best to give spoiler warnings where necessary, but please be aware that all reviews will be distinctly spoilery in nature, as will most articles… indeed, as will most everything.

So, sorry, folks. If you really don’t want to find out anything at all, try closing your eyes. We find that helps.