There is something about Return of the Jedi that I just love. Call it nostalgia if you like (although I maintain that I am nostalgia-free), but while A New Hope is exciting and Empire Strikes Back is incredibly well-done, Jedi is the one that makes my heart grow three sizes.

While there are issues aplenty around parts of this movie, we see a whine-free Luke in his new Jedi outfit, sassing Jabba the Hutt and being more swashbuckling than we’ve ever seen him. We get the band back together (for the last time!) and some gags that are still funny after all this time. I’ve never had an issue with the Ewoks — I always thought they were more ugly than cute and I love the idea of Threepio as a god. And of course there’s that whole part about redeeming Vader and saving the Galaxy. No big deal there.

There is some controversy around some of the changes in the newest version of Jedi and to be honest, I had almost forgotten what they were. I mean, I can tell that there is some CGI sprinkled here and there, but for the most part, everything seemed seamless from when I was 10. But I did know that my favorite part of Jedi, the Victory Celebration at the end, was new. I had some vague recollection of dancing in trees, but that’s about it. So I went online to see the original Yub Nub ending…

You guys: whatever criticisms the Special Editions have had leveled against them (and I agree with some), the Victory Celebration makes it all better. Don’t like Hayden at the end? Think the CGI was too obvious? No matter, because the Victory Celebration change makes this all better. I don’t even care because “Yub Nub” — the Ewok song sung behind scenes of everyone embracing — was really, really bad. I can see loving it because it’s a cherished childhood memory, but man, the new ending is about 1000% better. George was doing God’s work on that one by tying the Galaxy together and making the music palatable. It makes me want to dance with them! Star Wars now has amazing endings every single time, and this one is the ending that makes me want to dance and drum stormtrooper helmets, too!

Return of the Jedi — Funeral Pyre & Victory… by splashunsightly

Which do you prefer?

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