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Schools for Sorcerers, Space Cadets and Supernatural Sorts


Talk about your alternative curriculums....

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Given its September, some of us -– which is to say, those of us in the United States -– have just finished three long, delicious months of barbecues, beach trips, watermelon and ice cream. (Well, in theory, anyway.) We understand that our serious-minded brethren in other corners of the world have been toiling away diligently at their studies lo these past months, a state of affairs for which we extend our most profound sympathies.

But now, autumn is upon us, and with it a whole new school year. For most students this means the return of gym class, homework, and eating meals of questionable nutritional value in the school cafeteria. However, for students at a few choice institutions, it means the return of advanced stellar cartography and astrophysics; lessons in how to pulverize one’s opponent using spells, potions, or the ever-reliable stake through the heart; and — if you’re really unlucky — becoming a meal for some unspeakable creature of the night.

In honor of students everywhere, here are Geek Speak-certified prospectuses (prospecti?) for thirteen of our favorite schools in genre…

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  • Colleen R

    Thanks for including some of the classics! But if you are going to include Starfleet, why not Star Bridge (A. Crispin) too?

    • Rachel Hyland

      Because we haven’t actually read those books, Colleen. But at least one of us will, now! I only know A. C. Crispin from her STAR TREK tie-in work, actually…