Jason's arms strike again...

Jason’s arms strike again…

Interior: The Youth Center. Jason is trying to break the Angel Grove High bench pressing record, but Ernie loses count at one thousand and five, and so he has to start over for some reason, even though surely they can just restart again at one thousand and five? The second time he nears the record, Zach and Kimberly ruin it with a bubblegum/skateboarding accident, which you know how that happens?

Rita is delighted by Jason’s repeated failure, and decides to follow up on her Divide and Conquer plan from last time, badgering Finster into offering up the monstrous King Sphinx to target the kids’ nominal leader. “With him out of the way, the rest of the Power Rangers will be at my mercy! It’s time to finish them once and for all.”

Spoiler Alert! There are fifty-six episodes left in this season alone.

Jason is sad that he missed the record; he doesn’t want to be labelled a quitter. Meanwhile, Zach is apologetic for his skateboarding mishap. “Forget it, it’s casual,” dismisses Kimberly, because that is a thing people say. Then Bulk and Skull wander into Ernie’s Juice Bar, and it turns out that the bench press record Jason failed to beat that day was Bulk’s. Which: oh, come on! Has no one SEEN Jason’s arms? Even their majesty cannot, however, stop Bulk from lifting him up in a weird backwards hold that Jason tickles – yes, tickles! – his way out of. And then Bulk’s jeans split. Oh, no! Not the Mom jeans!

“Told you I could take care of it,” Jason tells the others after his successful escape, and Kimberly asks: “What’s wrong with getting a little help from your friends?” That is for sure not going to come up again.

Rita's best monster yet...

Rita’s best monster yet…

Then an urgent message from Alpha sends the kids out of the Juice Bar and off to the park – ha! I knew they could teleport places directly! – to deal with some Putties and an “unknown monster.” Hey, Kimberly! You know what’s casual? The way Jason says “It’s morphin’ time, guys.” Was he always so blasé about it all? I don’t remember him being so blasé.

So the three of them morph – of Trini and Billy, no sign – and as they jazzercize with the Putties, Kimberly finds herself transported back to the Youth Center, landing back on her balance beam in full view of everyone but without attracting any notice. (“What happened to Kim?” “Where’s Kim?” the boys wonder. They call her Kim?) Zach soon joins her there, again completely unseen, and it turns out that King Sphinx actually has a pretty cool power. One wonders why Finster wouldn’t make all his monsters with the ability to teleport enemies away from battle, if he can do that?

With Jason now on his own, Goldar joins the fight, and our boy holds his own until Rita enlarges her champions. “These guys are too much!” Jason sighs, sounding exhausted. “Man I wish the other guys were here!”

Don’t worry, Jason! Here they come! But first, they stop in at Twinkle Light Tower and receive yet MORE secret Power Rangers merch they could have been told about at literally any other time. Here they learn how to access to their Power Crystals, which “contain the essence of your morphing power. Use them to find each other in any peril, and with your zords, control power from any part of the morphing grid.”

Oh, sure. Yeah. Makes sense.

Just what I always wanted!

Just what I always wanted!

Jason is having a hard time with the two giant monsters, but then he gets a special delivery of his teammate’s Crystals, and somehow knows exactly what they are and what to do with them. “Now you’ll get to see what friends working together can really do!” he yells, really beating that dead horse now, and belatedly calls his Tyrannozord – which he could have done at literally any other time. The others show up and they form the Megazord, now fueled with Crystal Power, apparently. The Megazord gets itself a fancy new joining-up clip as well as a “Tank Mode” and after an abnormally long battle, along comes the Mega Power Sword!

The what now?

The Mega Power Sword is an enormous sword wielded by the Megazord, of course. (If you had that in your arsenal, WHY would you wait to use it?) It takes out King Sphinx, but Goldar wisely decides retreat is the better part of valor and he lives to vex our heroes another day.

Rita cannot BELIEVE such a foolproof plan has failed. “I just want a world, it’s all I ask for!” It’s hard not to feel a little bad for her.

bulkcakeBack at the Youth Center – and in the same clothes; is this seriously that same afternoon? – Jason does his over three thousandth bench press for the day and takes the record! Huzzah! “I couldn’t have done it without you guys,” he tells his teammates humbly, though, yeah. He could have. Arms! To celebrate Ernie wheels in an enormous cake, but Bulk ends up face first in it, because that is of course how this episode ends.

What a senseless waste of innocent baked goods.

NEXT TIME: Billy can’t dance!

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
“A Pressing Engagement” (S01E04)
Written by Jeff Deckman & Ronnie Sperling | Directed by Adrian Carr
September 9, 1993 | Fox Kids

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