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BRODY: You’re gonna need a bigger boat.
Jaws (1975)


Geek Speak Status: Staff Writer
Nationality: American
Preferred Nationality: Cimmerian
Known Alias(es): Messiahman
Michael Bay is… not just a member of the Hair Club for Men, he’s also its President!


Gateway Fandom: John Carpenter’s Halloween, Star Wars.
Favorite Movie: A Clockwork Orange.
Favorite TV Show(s): Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, The Rockford Files.
Favorite Book: Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.
Favorite Author: Ernest Hemingway.
Guilty Pleasure: Streets of Fire.
Crush(es): Laura Palmer, Buffy Summers, Casey Becker, Codex (or any Felicia Day role, for that matter. Marry me, Felicia!).
Vendetta(s): The Dharma Initiative, The Tyrell Corporation, The Shop, the vengeful and oh-so-stupid parents of Springwood.
Fan Fiction: Pro or Con? Pro, just as long as I don’t have to read it.


Trek or Wars: Wars by a nose, thanks to the strength of the first two films. Everything from Jedi on does not exist in this dojo.
DC or Marvel: DC, no contest. Watchmen rules them all.
Vampires or Werewolves: Werewolves. But only if they’re designed by Rick Baker.
Dragons or Unicorns: Dragons who eat unicorns.
Time Travel: Pro or Con? Pro. Especially if I can go back in time and stop the last two godawful Terminator films from ever happening.



  • The Circle of Hell – the tale of how the internet led to Devil Worshiping Biker movie Hard Ride to Hell, Issue 3, May 2010
  • Better than Buffy – Why True Blood reigns supreme, Issue 4, June 2010.
  • A Far From Perfect Storm – sleepless nights and stressful days ending in disaster, Issue 6, August 2010
  • On Hiatus — rerun time! Issue 7, September 2010
  • Kill and Kill Again – “kill fatigue” sets in, Issue 8, 2010