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Geek Speak Status: Contributing Writer
Nationality: Texan. Really.
Preferred Nationality: The Hollows
Known Alias(es): None I want to repeat
Michael Bay is… a wonderful way to add depth to a stew.


Gateway Fandom: Star Trek, introduced to me by my father in both TV form as well as a computer game involving blinking cursors and asterisks on a black and white monitor. Back in the days of 12.5” floppies and no TNG, we would also stay up late watching marathons together.
Current Addiction(s): Series by Ilona Andrews, Kim Harris, Faith Hunter and Patricia Briggs. I just got done downing all of True Blood season three in one week-long gulp, am working my way through Nikita, and am mourning the death of Sanctuary while awaiting the premier of Covert Affairs.
Favorite Movie: LOTR Fellowship. Because you realize how good Tolkien really is, once you take out all the excruciating poetry.
Favorite TV Show(s): BSG. There has never been anything better. Ever.
Favorite Book: Lois McMaster Bujold’s entire Vorkosigan saga—because Miles has more depth, and I’ve learned more from him, than a lot of people I’ve met.
Favorite Author: It’s a toss-up between Bujold and Robin McKinley. Although when I’m really stressed I’ve been known to recite silently Dune’s Litany Against Fear.
Guilty Pleasure: Sherwood Smith (Crown Duel, Trouble with Kings). The Twilight movies (although I threw the last book across the room. Go figure.).
Crush(es): Eyal Lavin, the Mossad agent in Covert Affairs. Now, there’s a man just as dangerous as any vampire.
Vendetta(s): Poor copy-editing in allegedly professionally published books. Because it’s arrogant and lazy.
Fan-fiction: Pro or Con? Con, since it has lead to the unspeakable Fifty Shades, thereby making any woman who reads romantically inclined anything look idiotic.


Trek or Wars: Trek.
DC or Marvel: Ummm. Which one published Elf Quest?
Vampires or Werewolves: Still stuck on the wampers.
Dragons or Unicorns: Dragons!!
Time Travel: Pro or Con? Con. It’s never done well.