StarWarsSeriesSince becoming a fan of Star Wars, I’ve had many a conversation with someone that goes along the lines of:

Random: “So… you like Star Wars, huh? Which Star Wars do you like the best?”
Me: “Oh, I love it all.”
Random: “All of it? Really?”
Me: “Yes, even the parts you don’t like.”

That’s not to say there aren’t parts to the 7 movies and multiple cartoons and other media that aren’t my favorites, but the thing about Star Wars is that it has literally everything in it. It’s got bits from Westerns, from High Romance, Action/Adventure, Weird Space Opera elements, and is it sci-fi or fantasy or both? It’s tragic, ridiculous, frightening, and adorable.

So often though, there’s a push/pull where someone wants their Star Wars to be one way when really it’s never going to be that one thing. I get that. I understand the concept of target markets, and that if you are not the target for something, it sometimes comes across as false. It’s why most movies stay in one to two genres and play it safe that way. But Star Wars refuses to do that, and as beautiful as that genre-bending, crazy, experimental side can be, it’s frustrating when you want it to be this one thing, and it refuses to totally be what you want it to be.

AnakinIts refusal to follow any real rules or common sense made it a phenomenon, but it also made it a popular topic for fan angst. In fact, it’s considered de rigueur to start out proving how much a fan a person is by hating on something about Star Wars. But here’s the thing: the parts that I’m tempted to fast-forward are always beloved by someone else. And parts that people can and have deleted in fan edit versions of the movie are the scenes that made me a fan of Star Wars in the first place and I couldn’t do without. So when I talk about what I love about it and listen to others talk about what they love, I inevitably gain a deeper appreciation for the series. Not to mention, it’s so much more fun to talk about what I love rather than what I don’t.

So say something nice about Star Wars today. At the end of the day, it’s about one family ruining a galaxy where space monks with laser swords keep the peace. What’s not to love?

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Sara Paige is a Columnist for Geek Speak Magazine and is happy to put her enormous and completely unprofitable knowledge of random pop culture to work. She has lots of unpopular opinions on all sorts of large movie franchises and can't wait to share them all.