starwarsquotesposterStar Wars has some of the most iconic lines in any movies ever made. Even people who have never seen the movies know what they are because they are so often repeated both in and out of context. Almost surprisingly though, most of these lines aren’t totally ones that you can just use, they have to be provided in some galactic context for them to work. After all, “No, I am your father” doesn’t exactly work if you identify as a woman, or don’t have a kid to say it to. (Although, to be fair, I would use it all the time if I did!)

But there are lines you can use that most “normals” won’t necessarily get, but keep you in the Galaxy at least a little bit when you just have to do something else that doesn’t involve Star Wars.

  1. “Hello there!” I love Obi-Wan, and he’s always good for a sassy rejoinder, but here’s an all purpose phrase you can say while pretending you’re on Tatooine and you’re looking at your old friend Artoo for the first time in nineteen years, but have to play it cool in front of a kid. I like to start out e-mails this way.
  2. “This is where the fun begins!” Said by both Anakin and Han, I like to use this before starting any new adventure– which, when you’re approaching middle age, sometimes includes budgeting for the month. The great thing about this phrase is that it can be said sarcastically or earnestly, but I like to say it more often with the glee of Anakin about to crash a ship during a battle no matter what. It makes everything a little easier to handle.
  3. “I have a bad feeling about this.” This might be a line others will get as a reference, but I say it anyway. Sometimes even if I don’t have a bad feeling, but just for fun.
  4. “From a certain point of view…” Again, Obi-Wan has some of the absolute best lines of the Saga. Like Obi-Wan, I’m terrible at lying, so I most often say this when I’m trying to give another perspective. But although it’s out of context, I still try to master my Alec Guinness impression.
  5. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” FINALLY a Vader quote I can use, although I rarely say it like James Earl Jones. More like Data from Star Trek, very neutral because out of my lady mouth it would sound weird. It gets a laugh out of most people because it’s probably the most iconic line on this list, and I usually reserve it for people I think will get it.

What lines do you use (if any)?

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