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Top 13 Most Ridiculous Things I Have Said Out Loud, in Public, Playing Pokémon GO

Since its debut on July 6, 2016 – can it really be so recently? – Pokémon GO has captivated millions with its simple game mechanics and appeal to the fundamental acquisitiveness of human nature. Like ancient hunter gatherers bringing in food for the tribe, we stalk and trap our prey with steely-eyed intent, and then go on to receive our just rewards for epic battles well-fought. Whether you play to catch ‘em all, to level up, to ruthlessly destroy rival teams or just to add some zest to your commute, there can be no doubt that this interactive game adds more than its share of lunacy to the average workaday.

Here, sentences I could never have imagined I’d ever have occasion to utter:


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Come on, Rattata. Don't try to be something you're not.


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