With the summer season all-but over and the new fall season only just gearing up, new episodes of genre shows are a little thin on the ground, but still very possible to find. Also, Son of Zorn premieres!


Teen Titans Go!, 6/5C, Cartoon Network

“Booty Scooty” (S03E06)

150th episode! Aw, and we remember when this heroes-as-normal-kids spin-off was just a glimmer in a hopeful DC exec’s eye…

Steven Universe, 7/6C, Cartoon Network

“Future Boy Zoltron” (S04E05)

Less world-saving than usual, here, as Steven breaks an arcade fortune teller and promptly takes its place…

Also, Syfy is running a Z-Nation marathon today, so if you haven’t checked in with this lighter-toned Walking Dead knock-off, now might be the time. Or, y’know. Not.


Zoo, 9/8C, CBS

“Pangaea” (S02E12); “Clementine” (S02E13)

In this two-part second season finale to the James Patterson adaptation, this live-action Zootopia/The X-Files hybrid thinks it might have found a way to stop the animals’ revenge…

From Dusk Till Dawn, 9/8C, El Rey Network

Kate is evil now, and Seth and Richie are crime lords. But where is Santanico? And with Carlito and Malvada dead, who is our new villain? (Even more villainous than our heroes, that is…)


Mr. Robot, 10/9C, USA

“eps.2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx” (S02E08)

Its wheels within wheels and realities within realities as Elliot has hacker doubts. Meanwhile, the while the FBI is on his trail…


Teen Titans Go!, 6/5C, Cartoon Network

“Who’s Laughing Now?” (S03E07)

Beauty and the Beast, 9/8C, CW

“No Way Out” (S04E12)

Yeah, this show is still on. Season 4! Weird, right?


Dark Matter, 10/9C, Syfy

“Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance” (S02E11); “Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose” (S02E12)

In this double episode, our space-based crew of amnesiacs decides to get real names. Just kidding! They’re sticking with those numbers till the end…


Son of Zorn, 8/7C, Fox

PREMIERE “Return to Orange County” (S01E01)

An animated barbarian of the Conan school arrives in live-action California and tries to reconnect with his long-lost live-action son. Who is – gasp! – a vegetarian.

Fear the Walking Dead, 9/8C, AMC

“Pablo & Jessica” (S02E11)

The Walking Dead prequel finally has a villain!

The Last Ship, 9/8C, TNT

“Don’t Look Back” (S03E13)

In a season finale that could well be a series finale, the fate of the world is in the Nathan James’s somewhat careless hands. Again. Well, the crew’s hands are careless, anyway. The submarine is smarter than that.

The Strain, 10/9C, FX

“First Born” (S02E03)

The Occido Lumen is stolen! Oh no, not our stupid-name book that holds the key to killing the vampires… er… Strigoi! THIS CANNOT STAND.


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September 7 sees the third season of The Blacklist and Seasons 1 and 2 of the wondrous musical comedy Galavant added, while September 10 gives us the first season of CBS’s Supergirl, ahead of its move to the CW for Season 2.

Happy viewing! Until next week in geek…


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