SGUOne fine day in February of 2010, a disillusioned geek discovered within herself an intense hatred of Stargate Universe. So intense was this hatred that it would not be contained; four thousand words later, the demon had been released but demanded an audience; and a month after that, Geek Speak Magazine was born.

As our Kate Nagy once said: “Most people would have started a blog.”

Over the years that followed, Geek Speak underwent a variety of site designs, publication schedules and hiatuses (hiati?), both limited and extended, as well as a small but significant turnover of our peerless crack staff. We’ve weathered the vagaries of the MCU, struck chords with fellow geeks the world over, and endured the wrath of irate Jonas Brothers fans.

And now: we’re back! Back with a vengeance. Back in black. Back to the damn future, and we are here to stay. So saddle up for multiple daily posts ranging from regular series – Marvel Movie Monday! Parody Central! A grown adult recapping every episode of Power Rangers for some reason! – to reviews and editorials, through to our bumper weekly genre quiz where only the brave dare enter.

We’ve rebooted, reset and retconned the hell out of this deal, rising like a phoenix (or a zombie) from the ashes of our former iteration, making everything old new again, and all the new stuff… well, also new. We are excited to get started; we hope you’ll stick around.

And, yes. There will be Game of Thrones.


Jon Snow came back from the dead, too.

Yours in anticipation,

Rachel Hyland
Editor-in-Chief, Geek Speak Magazine

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Rachel Hyland is Editor-in-Chief of Geek Speak Magazine and, she is pretty sure, the one true queen of Fantastica, raised in obscurity to protect her from the dark lord Sinisterium. If you see her magic sword, get in touch via twitter: @rachyland or Instagram: @rachelseesdeadpeople. The fate of the many worlds may just depend upon it.