Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is less than two months away and I’m excited for tickets to go on sale. Every time I go to the movies it seems like I see a new trailer, and I couldn’t be more psyched.

In case you don’t know (and judging by the jokes on Facebook, many don’t), Rogue One is also technically a prequel. It takes place outside of the main Saga movies as a stand alone and will have little to do with the Skywalkers (except for the almost obligatory Vader cameo). It also takes place right before Episode IV: A New Hope and tells the story of the theft of the Death Star plans by Rebels. And in case you see any Bothan references on the internet, no there were no Bothans in this one and they didn’t die. That’s Return of the Jedi.

Here are six reasons to be psyched for Rogue One:

1. We get an expansion of the Universe

If there’s something I’ve learned in my year of Star Wars fandom, it’s that the fans love the whole Galaxy Far Far Away. Every time I see a new piece of media, I’m like “Do I really care about these people who are not named Skywalker?” And each time the answer is an emphatic YES I DO, I LOVE THEM. From the romance of Ciena and Thane to the heartbreak of Ahsoka, I love all my poor galactic babies. I cannot wait to fall in love with Jyn Erso and have my heart broken inevitably by whatever sad thing will happen to her because Star Wars Is Sad.

2. We get tie-ins to other Star Wars properties, like The Clone Wars, making this Galaxy fuller

After all, we know that Forest Whitaker is playing Saw Guerrera (who was, of course, a militant trained by the Jedi in The Clone Wars to fight the Separatists). It’s these subtle callbacks that mean little to most but everything to the die-hard fans that make this Galaxy more meaningful. One of the best parts of Star Wars is how dense and inter-related each movie is. Disney is clearly continuing this tradition.

3. We get new directors with different ways to tell the Star Wars Story

Whether or not you love J. J. Abrams or George Lucas, you have the chance to see each new Star Wars through the interpretation of another director with another style. This gives us tones we might not have gotten under one vision. I’m sure some will think this is a negative, but I think this gives us more of a chance to increase creativity.

4. We get more Star Wars!

Let’s all remember that there was a time where we were never going to get another live-action Star Wars movie. Now, not only do we get more Skywalkers, we also get more of everything else. For years in fandom, if you wanted more Star Wars, you had to DYI. Now, there are studios shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars so we can sit back and enjoy the show.

5. A movie about Star Wars without The Force.

Yes, this could be a big negative, but imagine that Star Wars was just in everything? We could have existential emo movies, gritty war movies, thrillers, all with the backdrop of the Star Wars Galaxy. Not everything has to be about The Force! As someone who cannot consume too much Star Wars, count me in!

6. The casting is phenomenal.

There are certain actors I can watch all day long. Alan Tudyk is one of them. Forest Whitaker is also a treasure and I have just gotten more and more excited by every other casting decision that has come out. I have a lot of faith that this movie will be incredible.

I’ve got my finger on the refresh button for movie ticket preordering. Do you?

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Sara Paige is a Columnist for Geek Speak Magazine and is happy to put her enormous and completely unprofitable knowledge of random pop culture to work. She has lots of unpopular opinions on all sorts of large movie franchises and can't wait to share them all.