wxt-teamIn Season 5 of Stargate SG-1, the series’ 100th episode celebrates with a little gentle self-deprecation. For this purpose, the character of Marty (Willie Garson), a human from an alien world and now resident of this one, is re-introduced. With no conscious memory of his alien life — or his encounter with the SG-1 gang — Willie is now a Hollywood screenwriter, whose concept for a new science fiction show has been put into production. It’s the story of a covert, four-person team that travels to other planets through a wormhole: the wise-cracking, heart-breaking colonel; the technobabbling female scientist; the earnest, bespectacled humanitarian; and the stoic, stone-faced alien warrior … hey, wait a minute! I know this story. Throughout the episode, much merriment is made over the more problematic and laughable elements of Stargate lore; of particular note is this exchange:

MARTY: You think aliens eat apples?
CREWMAN: Why not? They speak English.

While Stargate SG-1’s other meta episodes are likewise very amusing (especially the return of Marty-as-screenwriter in the aptly-titled “200”), it is the creation of the pseudo-show Wormhole X-Treme!, the on-set antics and behind-the-scenes extras of this hilarious Stargate facsimile, that first had the power to make the fond fan chuckle at the wondrous absurdity of it all.

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